Yahoo search vs Google search – Why Yahoo Search Is Better in these 4 ways than Google Search

As we all know Google is the favourite search engine out there in the world and everybody uses it usually. However, there are couple of other things which only Yahoo search can do, which is much more cooler than Google search in these five ways.

Yahoo search vs Google search

1. Compose emails from the Yahoo! search box directly.

Type !mail in the Yahoo! search box and it will automatically compose a new email message for you in Yahoo! mail. Now that is something Google search does not do for us normally, may they be adding this feature in future but nothing certain. Here is the first one when in Yahoo search vs Google search Yahoo Search wins.

2. Get Lyrics of any song or your favorite artist directly from Yahoo Search box.

Type katyperrylyrics (for lyrics of Madonna songs) or katyperry Dark Horse lyrics (for lyrics of a particular song) and you will get the exact answer from the search with the lyrics directly infront of you which Google does not do for us, rather it gives us results and after clicking one of them we get the result that we expect from it. So here is another time when in Yahoo search vs Google search Yahoo Search own.

3. Specifiy the order of search keywords in queries which you want to search in Yahoo Search.

Say you want only web pages where word Y comes before X but not vice versa, then just put the search query in Square Brackets. An example:

[Bruce Willis] – will only return web pages where the word Bruce appear before Willies.

So here is another time in Yahoo search vs Google search Yahoo Search wins over from Google Search.

4. Search your favorite websites from Yahoo! itself without clicking you will get the results.

For instance, type !wiki wordpress in Yahoo! search box to search WordPress in Other popular shortcuts are !ebay, !amazon, and !flickr. You can also execute these from the Firefox search box without changing the default search engine. Now see these are something which we could not achieve in Google search but these things are well organized and available for us in Yahoo search, hence this is another time in Yahoo search vs Google search Yahoo Search wins over from Google Search.

Yahoo search vs google search which is better

These are some serious results for some of us who are fond of these kind of things however, when possible Google gives us results but that is not always true, because you might have also realised that sometimes Google search results gives us something that we never expected and that is not what we are looking for, hence the best way for these 4 things are for Yahoo and they made it over Google, but yet with all these I would say that Google is the unbeaten champion in the run because of the vast amount of information Google has over Yahoo and the thoroughness of the results in Google search. Hopefully Google will also introduce these kind of things or more better afterwards.

Let me know in the comments of what you think is better and in what ways, Cheers!

6 Replies to “Yahoo search vs Google search – Why Yahoo Search Is Better in these 4 ways than Google Search”

  1. The song lyrics display much better in google. Yahoo just gives a bunch of links to sites and videos, Google shows the full lyrics. Google doesn’t need you to tell it what order the words are in because it automaticaly ranks the sites based on this. Pick some random words and you will see the search results change. Searching your favorite sites – try wordpress.

  2. Nice post….Even I had done Yahoo as default search engine because of above reasons.Somehow it is easy to get best result with yahoo as compared to google.

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