New features of Mass Effect 4 you need to know about before the game releases

We all love to play the third person action role playing the video game. And when we are talking about the shooting video games, Mass Effect is the Roger Federer of them all. Probably the greatest and the most famous.  So after the three successful installations, BioWare and EA are all set to release the fourth installment of this massively popular franchise. The Mass Effect Andromeda.

New features of Mass Effect 4 you need to know about before the game releases

So now the biggest question is what will be the Mass Effect Andromeda release date. And when we, the hardcore gamers will get our hands on this highly-anticipated video game? Since we are talking about that, I will also share New features of Mass Effect 4 you need to know about before the game releases.

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New features of Mass Effect 4 you need to know about

The last iteration, Mass Effect 3 was released back in 2012. And since then fans were eagerly waiting for the Mass Effect 4 Game to release. Recently, a couple of weeks ago, the developers have announced that Mass Effect 4 will release in North America on 21st March 2017. And the game will be launched in Europe two days later, on 23rd March. The Mass Effect Andromeda will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. So as a couple of weeks remains before the hotly awaited Mass Effect Andromeda hits the market shelves. Check out what new features we can expect from this upcoming action-packed video game.

New features of Mass Effect 4 you need to know about before the game releases


Mass Effect 4 is going to be the first game of this series which will feature the open world element to engage the gamers more in exploring. So that means you can now travel and explore the open world seamlessly. Moreover, you can travel to each new planet of the Andromeda Galaxy. And according to the trailer, the gamers will be able to preview and decide which world to explore and which to not. The most interesting part is all the planets the players will explore will not always be amicable. And the gamers have to fight a massive interplanetary war with inhabitants of those planets.

Characters & Timeline

Commander Shepard has been the main character of this video game for the last three iterations. But if we believe the recent rumors, Shepard will no longer be the protagonist of this hugely popular action-based video game. Although the developers have not confirmed the name of the new protagonist, one thing is sure that the playable character will be available in both male and female avatar. Just like the previous editions.

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The time frame of the upcoming Mass Effect 4 will be set sometime between the timeline of Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, during the Andromeda Initiative.  During the Andromeda Initiative, various races decide to set forth and send parts of their population to the Arks. Each clan has a Pathfinder to lead the expedition. Alex Ryder was chosen as the Pathfinder for the Humans and his twin children, a boy, and a girl will also have a massive role to play to decide the fate of the humanity in the Andromeda Galaxy. Apart from the Alex Ryder and his two children, Cora Harper and Liam Kosta will play a major role too.

Once the game is released, probably we will have more updates. Once we do we will update the same for you.

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