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How to Easily Share Files Between Computers & Mobile phones

How to share files between your mobile and computer

Ya I know personally how tough it is to sync all the data and everything at one place and share files between each device within other. So the question is how to easily share files between computers and mobile devices. Check out here how to do it. So ur digital data – like files, photos, documents,

Google Chrome Eating RAM like a Super Computer

Google Chrome Eating RAM

If you are using a laptop or desktop in the 21st century, I am sure you are aware of the fastest browser out there which is Google Chrome. I know that you also use it. But have you ever thought why is Google Chrome eating RAM like a giant super computer? It does not matter

Ways to Skyrocket Your Confidence and Motivation

Ways to Skyrocket Your Confidence and Motivation

There is one thing that everyone finds quite attractive in the other person – Confidence! You might have come across several motivational guides and books to boost your confidence and self-motivation. There is a plethora of self-inspiring books and motivational speakers. However, most of them just wish to influence your mindset. All of them go

Definition Of Entrepreneurship

Definition Of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship, probably the most used and dear word in the 21st century. Every nook and corner are full of entrepreneurs who do not even bother what is the definition of Entrepreneurship yet they call themselves Entrepreneur & Hustler in business. It sometimes got me that how come there are a lot of entrepreneurs yet there are a

Top High Tech Ways to Improve Your Health

Almost every year most of us make New Year resolutions about health commitments. Every one of us wishes to stay fit and healthy. However, with the passage of time, the motivation and excitement with respect to the health tend to decrease. We easily forget the dedication towards optimum health goals that we had prepared in

How to extend battery life of your Android smartphone

How to extend battery life of your Android smartphone

We all love our mobile phones and they drain faster as well but do you know How to extend battery life of your Android smartphone. In any case, you would agree that it is quite frustrating to see the dying battery of the smartphones every now and then. Even with rapid advancements in the technology

Importance of Gamification in the world of online LMS

online lms

Every training professional has encountered a common problem with online learning i.e. ‘how to keep the learner’s engaged’. Gamification has emerged as an effective medium to help resolve this problem. The popularity and importance of gamification in the world of online LMS software is growing at a rapid pace across age groups and industry verticals.

How to change date on digital pictures

How to change dates on digital pictures

Suppose you have just finished importing the videos and pictures from the digital camera to your laptop but realize that the media files are incorrectly time-stamped. Wondering what happened? Maybe the date and time settings of “point and shoot” camera were set incorrectly or maybe the digital camera was stamping the files with local time though the

Dual Boot Windows 7 and Windows 10: Here Are Detailed Steps

Windows 7 is undoubtedly a classical system of Microsoft, and even today there are a huge number Windows 7 users though Windows 8 and Windows 10 have been released. Windows 10 is the most recent Windows operating system which enjoys many incredible features, such as alive Cortana, Xbox Streaming, and Project Spartan. Therefore, many people

How To Send Large Files Over the Internet Without Email

how to share large files

 There are some times when you want to share some files with your friends, with your near and dear ones. If you have to share a large file with someone over the Internet, there are generally two options – you can either put the file in an email message as an attachment or, if the

Darth Vader’s Guide to How Do I Increase My Internet Speed


Are you using internet or a broadband connection? Do you know what is the ultimate speeds of internet? Do you know what is the average broadband speed for broadband users in most of the countries? Are you looking to increase speed of internet that you are using? Do you have the question that How Do

Biggest Difference Between Google Chrome and other browsers

I know you must be using Google Chrome if you are a PC user or an MAC user. Even if in Android systems and iOS systems Google Chrome is the most downloaded browser available in the app store. The reason behind this is that Google Chrome is different and the Difference between Google Chrome and other