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How to add RAM to a Laptop to speed up computer


One of the supreme ways to speed up the performance of an older laptop is by increasing its memory. Most of the time, the process of adding RAM to a laptop is little harder than changing a light bulb. But not every laptop is easy to upgrade, and some modern thin-and-light units can’t be upgraded at

How to Download ShowBox App for PC

ShowBox App For PC

The world of technology these days have come across some innovative things. Which were simply unthinkable even a decade back. And the credit should go to the way developments have been made in this sector of the world. These days downloading or streaming movies from online sources is as easy as bread and butter. And

103 Google Chrome Tricks You Might Not Know


Here are 103 awesome features or google chrome tricks which will amaze you knowing that Google Chrome is what all about. The first 90 of them can be found HERE. Read and know the first 90 tricks. The chromium browser is simply awesome if you know how to use it and how to make the most

What Is The IP Address Of My Router

What is the ip address of my router

There are sometimes when you need to upgrade the firmware of your WiFi router or you find out that somebody else has known your password and using it for free, hence you want to create an even stronger password for your router then you need to know the IP address of your router to gain

Interview With Preet Sandhu – BeforeBuyReviews

This is the second review of the interview series at BloggersBooks. The first one was with Nikhil Saini from MyQuickIdea. In this Preet Sandhu BeforeBuyReviews Interview, I am in discussion with Preet Sandhu. She is a self-made girl from Chandigarh, India. She runs a blog at BeforeBuyReviews, and this blog focuses on reviews of the products.

Top Online Marketing Strategies to Accelerate your Business

Top Online Marketing Strategies to Accelerate your Business

The competition in the online business scenario is heating up with each passing time. Online or digital marketing has changed considerably in recent times. As customers have become more picky and sceptical about the services offered by several online businesses, there is a greater need to adopt the right marketing strategies to remain on top.

14 Amazing accessories for your gadget that you must have!!!

Amazing accessories for your gadget

Smartphone, as the name suggests, is very smartly designed to take care of all your computing needs. If the current trend is to be followed then slowly smartphone would replace all other gadgets like remote, music player, camcorders, and many other gadgets designed to make our life easy. The smartphone has gradually become the one point solution for controlling, booking, entertainment, and gaming. Various apps together make the smartphone smart, but those who want their smartphone to be more stylish may think of buying few more accessories and gadgets that help the phone to give its best. Today I am sharing the detailed view of 14 Amazing accessories for your gadget that you must have. Amazing accessories for your gadget Fitness Bands The smartphone can become your fitness buddy or physical trainer if you have the fitness band calibrated to it. The sleek and comfortable to wear fitness band on your wrist would record all your movements and health parameters on your phone app. You can monitor the calories burnt, step taken during the day, and also your sleeping pattern. Find the one that suits your style and goes ahead on the fitness regime. Powerbanks No app or gadget may work to give you desired result if the phone battery is drained. To make it work without any battery issues, you will require a high-quality power bank with sufficient battery capacity and multiple charging ports to meet your charging needs. Selfie stick The world of image capturing has evolved from clicking pictures to taking selfies. Selfie stick would provide you a wider angle for clicking image even while taking a selfie. The selfie sticks with manual control and Bluetooth connectivity are widely used for good selfie clicking. External Zoom Lens If you want a more excellent accessory for clicking picture apart from selfie stick, then external zoom lens would also help. These zoom lens can be fitted with the phone camera lens to take the selfies or click the pictures with the rear camera. Zoom lens provides a full angle for clicking group selfies or would help in taking the pictures of distant objects. Amazing accessories for your

Nokia Is Back in Business – APRIL 2018-19

Nokia is back in business

Gone are the days when people started thinking that Nokia is out of business. Now actually no matter what they have started making amazing phones which are going to help them grow in the phone business. It is also going to help the user base getting increased day by day eventually. With all the new

How to make my PC faster for games


All computers eventually start to creak in their old age, they all work fine and just to let you know even if you do use all the latest hardware and everything eventually it is going to be slow. So here are some couple of tricks and tweaks which you can apply to make your computer

Dual Camera Setup in Xiaomi Mi 6

Dual Camera Setup Xiaomi Mi 6

There is a dearth of a brand like Xiaomi which has come up the ranks in the recent times. They are giving the big names in the field of technology a real run for their money. And things are going to be much tougher for the more major brands with the Xiaomi Mi 6 release date

How To Secure Your WiFi Wireless Network

How to secure your wifi network

The reason why we choose WiFi over cables are that we can use WiFi without any issues anywhere in the area without worrying more about the clutter of cables and everything. Should you have a smartphone and WiFi set up at your home, you are all set to go. All you have to do is