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How to browse without internet connection in Google Chrome

In this article I am going to explain how to browse internet without connection. When you open any web page inside Google Chrome, it connects to the Internet, fetches the latest version of the page from the server and displays it on your screen. If your computer is offline, Chrome will display an error message

Google chrome tricks and secrets 15 Amazing ones you should know


Are you using Google Chrome in your personal computer? Then I suggest you should read and actually use all the below mentioned awesome killer Google chrome tricks and secrets and using these I am sure your browsing experience will be much more interesting and amazing. I do follow all these while browsing and I hope

Top Fitness Habits Everyone Should Adopt in 2019

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Confused about how to fast track your health goals and be at the peak of your health? However, with a simple regime and some healthy fitness habits, you can achieve the desired health in no matter of time. The topic of health and fitness is always a debating one. When you just marched out on

Beginners guide to android game development

Android Game Development

You must be enticed with a plethora of games that are available on the Google Play Store. Sometimes it becomes quite difficult for us to decide among them to download on our smartphones. Some have attractive animations while others have better sound effects. Some come with a great user interface, while others have tricky brain

MVC2 L3 TrendNXT Dumps

MVC2 L3 TrendNXT Dumps

I am preparing for the Practice skill in TrendNXT exam. I thought it would be a good idea to get all the questions and put it in one place. So this article is going to act like as MVC2 L3 TrendNXT Dumps. If you are looking for MVC2 L3 TrendNXT Dumps, then you have come to

How To Increase Security Of Your Smartphone

how to increase security of your smartphone

1. Set a lock code So How To Increase Security we are talking about. So from email to texts, phone book entries, and pictures, your phone has lots of personal information that’s potentially accessible to prying eyes. Bottom line: if you take your phone out of your house, you should definitely use a lock code.

Top Android Utility Apps For daily use and ease

Top Android Utility Apps

Android users are all over the world and growing day by day. Android is becoming more and more powerful and helpful day by day. That is Android app developers are making new and improved applications which help you in your daily task. Here I am sharing top android utility apps for your daily use and