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30 Google Chrome Tricks You Might Not Know

Here are 30 awesome features or google chrome tricks which will amaze you knowing that Google Chrome is what all about. The first 10 of them can be found HERE. The chromium browser is simply awesome if you know how to use it and how to make the most out of it. So go ahead

Homer Simpson’s Guide To One Plus One Issues And Complaints

one plus one issues and complaints

One Plus One – Never Settle (The Flagship Killer) You might have heard this name if you are willing to buy any phone recently. This Android (Customized OS) device is the best running item in the market and people are falling for it because of the features it is providing. In short the company states it

Desktop Recorder Why It had not been so popular until Today

Desktop Recorder

When you want to capture your desktop screen using desktop recorder it is pretty simple. Download any damn software that is available in internet which is a lot and then capture your desktop screen using any one of those. Sometimes the desktop recorder software ask for a license price also even if the amount is

Interview With Preet Sandhu – BeforeBuyReviews

This is the second review of the interview series at BloggersBooks. The first one was with Nikhil Saini from MyQuickIdea. In this Preet Sandhu BeforeBuyReviews Interview, I am in discussion with Preet Sandhu. She is a self-made girl from Chandigarh, India. She runs a blog at BeforeBuyReviews, and this blog focuses on reviews of the products.

Top Online Marketing Strategies to Accelerate your Business

Top Online Marketing Strategies to Accelerate your Business

The competition in the online business scenario is heating up with each passing time. Online or digital marketing has changed considerably in recent times. As customers have become more picky and sceptical about the services offered by several online businesses, there is a greater need to adopt the right marketing strategies to remain on top.

Interesting Facts About Mobile Wallets in India

Interesting Facts About Mobile Wallets in India

There is no denying that in the recent times, the mobile wallets in India like Paytm, MobiKwik, and FreeCharge have gained impetus. Especially after the time of demonetization, the trend of using these mobile wallets in India have risen in multifold ways. Thus today we are going to talk a little bit about Interesting Facts About

The Latest Tech Trends of 2019

Tech Trends

This year companies will make the switch towards common IT platforms so that they can respond to market changes more efficiently and effectively and moreover, by making this change, they will become more productive and will be able to make well-informed decisions. I am referring to tech trends in 2018. These common platforms are much

How to change laptop hard drive

How to change laptop hard drive

Not before a long time ago, replacing any laptop’s hard drive literally meant packing up the system and shipping it back to its maker, or dropping it with a local repair shop. Either way, you’d have to live without your beloved computing companion for some time, and depending on who was doing the work, you’d

Compatible Devices for Apple New OS iOS 11

Compatible Devices for Apple New OS iOS 11

Just like new smartphones and tablets, Apple launches a brand new iteration of their smartphone operating system, each year.  The current OS, iOS 10 is hugely popular among the users mostly for the unique features and the simplicity of the user interface. So after the massive success of the iOS 10, now fans, as well