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Homer Simpson’s Guide To One Plus One Issues And Complaints

one plus one issues and complaints

One Plus One – Never Settle (The Flagship Killer) You might have heard this name if you are willing to buy any phone recently. This Android (Customized OS) device is the best running item in the market and people are falling for it because of the features it is providing. In short the company states it

Biggest Difference Between Google Chrome and other browsers

I know you must be using Google Chrome if you are a PC user or an MAC user. Even if in Android systems and iOS systems Google Chrome is the most downloaded browser available in the app store. The reason behind this is that Google Chrome is different and the Difference between Google Chrome and other

Hidden Features Android Marshmallow

Hidden Features Android Marshmallow

As always Google brings a lot of improvement and more features to Android and Android N is on the horizon does not mean that Android Marshmallow is on its way out. You can not ignore the fact that there are some phones even now which did not upgrade to Android M and they are still

What Jezebel should write about WhatsApp profile picture prank

WhatsApp Profile Picture Prank

We all use WhatsApp messenger to connect and interact with others communicating with them through our cell phones. Do trade of messages and a few mixed media content documents like recordings, pictures, and audio, a video for making them discover as appreciating as we found them when we saw them for the first time. We

New Nokia Mobiles: Nokia is finally Back

New Nokia Mobiles

Remember the days when you charge your phone and talk for days? Those are the days I usually miss. To make the new mobiles even harder to get into the market New Nokia Mobiles are making a comeback. New Nokia mobiles are finally back. From the new Nokia mobiles, there are four that are new.

Top 3 Parental Control Apps

Top 3 parental control apps

It’s not just that threat is wherever in the portable age. It’s that wherever never goes to rest or quits requesting our consideration. Today I am sharing top 3 parental control apps and their usage. This is especially true for children equipped with cell phones, applications and moment The Web get to who may truly

Top 5 Best Android browser of All Time

5 best browsers for android

Here are the complete list of Top 5 Best Android browsers There are many Android Browsers available today.Every new release claims that it is better than the other browsers.But what is the Best Android Browser? I personally tested many of the Android Browsers and came to a conclusion about the Best Android Browser available is Dolphin

Top Android Utility Apps For daily use and ease

Top Android Utility Apps

Android users are all over the world and growing day by day. Android is becoming more and more powerful and helpful day by day. That is Android app developers are making new and improved applications which help you in your daily task. Here I am sharing top android utility apps for your daily use and

How to extend battery life of your Android smartphone

How to extend battery life of your Android smartphone

We all love our mobile phones and they drain faster as well but do you know How to extend battery life of your Android smartphone. In any case, you would agree that it is quite frustrating to see the dying battery of the smartphones every now and then. Even with rapid advancements in the technology

Beginners guide to android game development

Android Game Development

You must be enticed with a plethora of games that are available on the Google Play Store. Sometimes it becomes quite difficult for us to decide among them to download on our smartphones. Some have attractive animations while others have better sound effects. Some come with a great user interface, while others have tricky brain